7th Grade - Melanie Avitan, Volvo Kiselov, Aleesa Lavrenko, Caydin Wahls

8th Grade - Sandy Lopez, and Marcy Ixen

9th Grade - Litci Marroquin, Emma Heins, Cole Walch

Advisors: Mrs. Lenth, Mrs. Salinas, and Mr. Schaufenbuel

What we do?

  • Clean laptops
  • Monitor Lanschool, which is a way to monitor peoples’ screens to make sure everyone is doing what we are supposed to do
  • Fix laptops at Mr. Noah’s office or help with updates
  • Work with Mrs. Salinas and Mrs. Lenth and help other teachers
  • Video tape important school events
  • Our saying is “Keep Calm and Call Tech Squad.”
  • We are also the “mini Noahs”. Mr. Noah is the tech coordinator for the entire school district
  • Were are a group of people who help with technology within the school

How We Got Started

Our group was nominated to go to TechNation to visit other schools. TechNation is where we go to different schools to see the different ways they use technology. After that we had a brilliant conversation about forming a tech squad. The group became a reality. We just happened to be in the right place at the right moment.