Cora B. Darling's PK-6 Principal is Ryan Zurbriggen

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A Message From The Principal

Ryan Zurbriggen

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Cora B. Darling Elementary school year!  My name is Ryan Zurbriggen and this is my second year as the PK-6 Principal for the district.  I am humbled and honored to continue this educational journey with you as parents, students and staff.  This year we will continue to grow as an educational community that provides the best environment to inspire our young people in learning.  

Learning is fundamental.  It is something that often is assumed.  It is something that we try to measure and quantify.  It can also be something that becomes a passion for people.  Learning is at our core as an educational institution.  Learning helps us become better people.  It causes us to increase our capacity to be a positive contribution to society.  Learning is lifelong.   Learning is at the heart of what we do.   It is a goal that we have as staff here at Cora B. Darling Elementary, and it is a goal we have while working with you the parents, guardians and students of the Postville community.  The progress towards this goal is never the same for every child, yet the goal remains.  We have been given sets of standards and benchmarks from the state of Iowa that we are to teach to all children.  We have developed essential skills and concepts that represent the core components we believe that all students can learn in order to move on in their educational journey.  We have also began the process of developing and communicating quarterly reports that indicate how your child(ren) is/are progressing towards reaching those goals. Finally, we have built and continue to grow our work as educators that is foundationally constructed on collaboration, teamwork, analysis and inspiration to ensure that we are helping our students learn.  

Entering this year as your building principal causes me to be filled with great excitement and anticipation over the possibilities that lie ahead.  Together we can look at the good and celebrate.  Together we can look at the challenges and do one of two things.  We could get frustrated and only look at the challenges as insurmountable.  Or, we can look at challenges as opportunities for something great to occur.  I choose to embrace them as opportunities..  It is my hope that we all embrace them this way.  Why?  Because when we change our perspective and view things in light of opportunity, growth and learning, all of a sudden the challenges don’t seem so great.  When we change our perspective we strive to develop to solutions.  As educators we are committed to this perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory letter for the 2017-2018 school year.   It is important for everyone to partner together to maximize the opportunities for learning that we all will encounter this year.  If you have any further questions please reach out to me at your convenience.  My contact information is below.  Once again, thank you.

Everyday is a great day to be a Postville Pirate!  



Ryan Zurbriggen

PK-6 Principal