Affirmative Action Statement

Iowa law states that all school districts must develop affirmative action plans. Postville Community School District is committed to educational equity and as a part of the district’s educational equity policy, it is the district’s belief that equal employment opportunities are important in providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students.

In order to continue to provide educational excellence for our students, Postville Community School has designed and will implement an Affirmative Action Plan which includes the following: recruiting and hiring the best qualified people in all areas, providing training/staff development for employees who are responsible for hiring personnel, and assigning the Affirmative Action Coordinator to monitor and report annually on the district’s progress in the area of affirmative action.


APR C-Plan
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Insurance Reports

Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2014 for Employee Health Insurance

2015-2016 Report of Insurance Benefits

LAU (ELL) Plan

2016 Lau (ELL)  Plan


Mentoring & Induction Plan

2016-207 Mentoring & Induction Plan