Jennifer Schutte


My fundamental role as a curriculum director is to guide development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and instructional programs.  As the Dean of Students, my role is to manage student discipline including de-escalating, documentation, follow-through, and support for teachers and building principals.  

My goals include:

  • Develop professional, collaborative relationships with staff, students, parents and community members, and district personnel to support the current learning of students and staff.
  • Create an open line of communication between staff and students to support effective teaching practices and student achievement.
  • Collaborate with others in analyzing achievement goals, reviewing research, establishing goals and organizing professional development for the staff.
  • Serve as a team player with the current school administrative team in determining the current needs for improvement at Postville Community Schools.
  • Recognize the current curricular standards, teaching practices, and assessment tools being utilized to guide classroom instruction.
  • Attend workshops and trainings involving leadership and the development of our District Leadership Team through our TLC grant.
  • Work with the Superintendent, Building Principals, and District Leadership Team to plan and implement professional learning.
  • Support our TLC Instructional Coaches, Model Teachers, and PLC Team Leaders.
  • Increase my knowledge of current research based strategies that increase student engagement, establish high expectations for all students, and promote skills that will benefit all students (example:  PBIS).
  • Encourage continual work within our PLCs and attend various meetings providing support.
  • Frequent walk-throughs to the classrooms with feedback.

I am a passionate lifelong learner that continuously improves my knowledge and skills.  Student achievement has always been a priority of mine.  Collaborating with staff members during “Professional Learning Communities,” and guiding individuals through their Personalized Professional Development allow me to lead others with implementing the Iowa Core, analyzing student data, provide progress-monitoring tools, and create formative and summative assessments.

I enjoy the challenges of education, working with teachers, parents, and students, and the opportunities to impact the education for ALL students.

Curriculum Director News

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  • What is PBIS?

    This article explains what the initiative PBIS is that our school is currently working on is and why our school is working on this.

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