Superintendent’s Notes; April 8 2019

Postville CSD
Board of Education Meeting
April 8, 2019
Superintendent’s Notes

5 a/b. Minutes, Bills, and Financial Reports

5 c. Hires:  Kirsten Richardson/Summer School Teacher, Ashley Cioccio/Summer School Teacher, Tonya Vagts/Summer School Teacher, Marissa West/Summer School Teacher, Jenny Fangman/Summer School Teacher, Jessie Koester/Summer School Teacher (until June 14, 2019), Jennifer Benda/Summer School Assistant, Jesania Vargas/Summer School Assistant, Jaqueline Lopez/Summer School Assistant, April McQuade/Summer School Assistant, Joanna Smith/Summer School Assistant, Elizabeth Perez/Summer School Assistant, Yaneth Rafael/Summer School Assistant, Mandi Sebastian/Summer School Assistant, Stephanie Burroughs/Summer School Assistant (after regular secretarial contract is complete), Morgan Taake/Summer School Coordinator, Laurie Smith/Summer School Food Service, Deb Schultz/Summer School Food Service, and Chris Trone/Summer School Food Service      

5 d. Resignations:  Cornal Baker/Elementary Custodian, Betsy Shea/High School Drama Director and Junior Class Sponsor      

5 e. Transfers:  Morgan Taake/K-8 TAG/Computer Science Grant and Dara Knudtson/9-12 TAG from .64 FTE to .94 FTE    

5 f. Acceptance of Donations/Gifts to the District

5 g. Continuation of mowing/trimming services with A and S Lawn Care for the 2019 mowing season.  They mow/trim the school grounds including the area near the Northeast Iowa Rec. Center and the Child Care Building.   

5 h. Senior Trip – Twin Cities – Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Enclosure

7.  Learning and Leadership – There will be a presentation regarding the district’s Every Student Succeeds Act Action Steps.

8. The board needs to consider the Fiscal Year 2018 Audit.  The board established an audit sub-committee this year. Members are Jeff Cox, JoAnn Jacobs, Melissa Fettkether and Tim Dugger.  The sub-committee met with Joe Boushka and Christi Meyer from Hacker Nelson on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, to review the audit. The board should consider the audit for the record.  

9. The board will hold a public hearing for the FY20 budget. Enclosure

10. The board needs to consider the FY20 School District Budget.

11. The board needs to consider the first reading of board policy update for 506.1 Education Records Access. Enclosure