Postville CSD

Board of Education Meeting

July 16, 2018

Superintendent’s Notes


5 a/b. Minutes, bills, and financial reports

5 c. Hires:  Daryl Schultz/High School Volleyball Coach and Kirsten Richardson/Elementary Special Education

5 d. Resignations:  Daryl Schultz/Game Manager, Kirsten Richardson/After School Program Director, Kari Sass/School Nurse, and Kallie Heitland/Paraprofessional   

5 e. Transfers:  None

5 f. Acceptance of Donations/Gifts to the District (see attachment)

6. The board needs to consider renewing the Instructional Support Levy for five more years.  The new ISL would exist from 2020-2025 and generate approximately $320,000/year for the general fund.  The revenue can be used for any general fund purpose and would consist of property taxes and an income surtax.  The current income surtax rate is 13%.

The renewal process is as follows:

  1. The board adopts the scope of the new Instructional Support Levy.
  2. The board holds a public hearing on the matter.
  3. The board formally considers the Instructional Support Levy.                                                             

7. The board needs to create legislative priorities for the 2019 General Assembly.  The priorities will be forwarded to the Iowa Association of School Boards for consideration in their legislative platform.  The board needs to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Extension of the State Penny for School Infrastructure through 2050.  This bill came very close to passing during the last legislative session and will likely make it through in 2019.
  2. Equity legislation that will help schools with high transportation costs and equity with the district cost per pupil.  This legislation needs to be made a permanent part of the aid and levy. At the moment, the funding is only for one year.  Postville’s district cost per pupil is $6,744. The highest amount for Iowa District’s is $6,906 which is a difference of $162/student.  The goal of the legislation is to get all school districts to $6,906.
  3. Oppose the concept of Education Savings Accounts.  ESAs would divert public funds to private school systems which would drain tax dollars from the state’s commitment to public schools.       

8. The board needs to consider the second reading of policy updates.

  • 604.6 Instruction at Post-Secondary Educational Institutions.  The policy was revised to reflect the current law. Supplemental weighting cannot be applied to  Post Secondary Education Opportunities if the school already has a concurrent enrollment course that is the same as the PSEO.
  • 213 Public Participation in Board Meetings.  The policy should be updated per the needs of the board.  Similar policy language will be reflected in board policies: 213.1R1, 402.5 and 502.4.
  • 213.1R1 General Complaints by Citizens
  • 402.5 Public Complaints by Employees
  • 502.4 Students Complaints and Grievances
  1. The board needs to consider the 2018-2019 milk and bread bids.
  2. The board needs to consider the 2018-2019 school fees.
  3. The board needs to consider a flooring bid from Diversity Inc. for $18,562.50.  This company uses an epoxy floor covering which is durable, easy to clean and nice looking.  We need to do the lower high school hallway, four restrooms, and one classroom.
  4. The board needs to consider raising the substitute pay for the following positions: Substitute Cooks from $10.00/hour to $10.50/hour, Substitute Custodians from $10.00/hour to $10.50/hour, Substitute Aides from $10.00/hour to $10.50/hour, Substitute Secretaries from $12.50/hour to $13.00/hour, and Substitute Nurses from $15.00/hour to $16.00/hour.
  5. The board needs to consider two change orders for the kitchen project.  The plaster walls are going to be covered with ¼ inch polymax boards and there will be a trap door installed for the utility tunnel in the kitchen storage room.
  6. The board needs to consider a list of elementary classroom furniture items.  We are updating the 4th grade classrooms this year along with assorted pieces.  The total for the furniture is approximately $16,270.