August 13, 2018 Superintendent’s Notes

Postville CSD

Board of Education Meeting

August 13, 2018

Superintendent’s Notes


5 a/b. Minutes, Bills, and Financial Reports

5 c. Hires:  Keisha Kerr/School Nurse

5 d. Resignations: Marcy Kraus/Softball Coach, Abdiwahab Ali/Somali Liaison, and Lorri Pladsen/Elementary Associate   

5 e. Transfers: None

5 f. Acceptance of Donations/Gifts to the District (see attachment)

5 g. District Appointments:  Title I Coordinator/Jenny Schutte, Equity Coordinator/Brendan Knudtson, Title IX Coordinator/Brendan Knudtson, 504 Coordinator/Jenny Schutte, Special Education Co-Directors/Jenny Schutte and Brendan Knudtson, Bully/Harassment Investigators/Jenny Schutte and Brendan Knudtson, Affirmative Action Coordinator/Ryan Zurbriggen, Level I Investigators/Jenny Schutte, Ryan Zurbriggen, and Brendan Knudtson, Level I Alternate Investigator/Tim Dugger, Level II Investigator/Postville Police Department, Homeless Liaison/Denise Mauss, Teacher Quality Committee Administrator/Tim Dugger, School Improvement Advisory Chairperson/Ryan Zurbriggen, ELL Coordinators/Jenny Schutte and Brendan Knudtson, and Food and Fitness Administrator/Ryan Zurbriggen

7.  The board needs to consider the following open enrollments into the Postville School District:  Cairo Quinn SweetMoon/K, Juan Ortiz-Lopez/K, Perla Hernandez/4, Jeidy Hernandez/5, Ernesto Lopez/8 and Francisco Lopez/9.

8.  The board needs to review and consider the K-6 and 7-12 Student/Parent Handbooks and the Alternative School Handbook. 

9.  The board needs to consider the contract between the Postville CSD and the Postville Child Care for the four-year-old program.

10.  The board needs to consider renewing the Instructional Support Levy for five more years.  The current Instructional Support Levy expires on June 30, 2019. According to the resolution, the board will hold a public hearing on Monday, September 10, 2018, and then consider the formal Instructional Support Levy for fiscal years 2020-2025.  The Instructional Support generates approximately $320,000 for the Postville School District and can be used for any general fund purpose. The revenue will come from a combination of state aid, income surtaxes and property taxes.

11.  The board needs to consider the first reading of policy updates.

  1. 105 Assistance Animals.  This new policy to clarifies the use of service animals, assistive animals, therapy animals and emotional support animals.
  2. 606.3 Animals in the Classroom.  This policy was updated to be consistent with Board Policy 105 which allows service, assistive, therapy, and emotional support animals.  
  3. 705.1 Purchasing – Bidding.  The amended policy adds language that requires compliance with federal and state laws for the selection and suspension of federal and state contractors.
  4. 705.1R1 Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors Procedure.  The new regulation adds a procedural framework for evaluating and screening contractors who have been suspended or debarred from continuing to transact with the District.
  5. 710.1 School Nutrition Program.  The amended policy adds language that requires compliance with federal and state laws for the selection and suspension of federal and state contractors.     

12.  The board needs to consider a lease agreement with Julie Szabo.  The lease is for space on the tower located at 152 South West Street, Postville, Iowa.  The district recently upgraded the radios to a digital repeater system. We have a small repeater unit located on the tower which amplifies our radio signals beyond 20 miles from Postville.

13.  The board needs to consider a change order for the elementary roofing project.  The change order amount is $7,446. The roofing company needs to mechanically attach the insulation to the concrete deck.  Originally, they bid the project as a metal deck rather than concrete.