8th Grade Tech Class Student Created Websites

These webpages were created in Mrs. Lenth’s 8th grade Tech class.  The student’s purpose was to “teach others” about a topic.  Please understand (and excuse) any spelling errors as they are student created projects.  The student’s used a website called “WIX” to create our pages and learned about design principles through their lessons.  The students listed below wanted to share their work.  We hope you enjoy looking at the variety of topics and different features on the webpages.

Hibo’s Favorite Books
Taylor’s Postville Junior High Classes
Arnoldo’s Different Types of Lawyers
Tracer’s How to Ride Horses
Marcy’s Three Popular Topics
Yaritzy’s Authors and Books
Wilson’s Different Styles of Music
Shawn’s Junior High Sports
Cora’s Information about Town of Volga
Sandy’s Info about Junior High