Postville Student Ambassadors is a new program implemented at Postville High School in the 2013 – 2014 school year. This select group of students volunteer their time and are high school role models, leaders and positive representatives of our school. They are the first people prospective students and their parents meet.

Student Ambassadors will meet with students and parents during Freshmen Orientation in the spring and right before school starts. They will share their high school experiences and give tours of the school. They may be called upon to help with additional group visits and other events being hosted at the Postville High School location.

They will be in charge of planning “Red Ribbon Week” , held in October every fall. They will also bring in guest speakers and assemblies that will benefit our students.

Student Ambassadors will be working on team-building and leadership activities that will benefit the group to create a dynamic student ambassador program for Postville High School. Mary Jo Moore is the sponsor of this great group of students:

Core Members

  • Luul Abdullali
  • Hailey Bodensteiner
  • Molly Brackett
  • Tiffany Franzen
  • Elizabeth Galvan
  • Aldo Gonzalez
  • Mac Hughes
  • Tanner Jacobsen (Co-President)
  • Bridgette Lubka
  • Melvin Munoz
  • Drew Reicks (Co-President)
  • Cole Spain

Extended Members

  • Aboody Abdullahi
  • Courtney Fuller
  • Samantha Lopez
  • Marissa Nunez
  • Lupita Solis
  • Andrea Vicente