Board Meeting Minutes For September 10, 2018

Postville Board of Education Meeting

Regular Scheduled Meeting at 6:30 P.M.

Room 102

September 10, 2018


President Smith called the regular meeting of the Postville Board of Education to order at 6:30 P.M. on Monday, September 10, 2018, with the following members present: Jeff Cox, Tony Gericke, JoAnn Jacobs, and Staci Malcom.

President Smith welcomed the visitors.

Motion by Malcom second by Cox, to approve the agenda. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Jacobs, second by Malcom, to approve the consent agenda with the addition of one hire and item K.  Carried unanimously.

  1. Approve the August 13, 2018, regular meeting minutes
  2. Approve the monthly bills and monthly financial reports (reviewed by Cox)
  3. Approve the hire of Susie Schlein/Student Ambassadors/ASAP; Yasmin Dahir/Para/Translator; Joanna Smith/Elementary Associate; Kayla Miller/Elementary/Jr/Sr High Associate; Kevin Johnson/Assistant JH Football Coach; Susie Mueller/After School Tutor; Aleya Grimes/After School Tutor; Kathy Ohloff/After School Tutor; Anne Friederich/After School Tutor; Joy Minikwu/After School Tutor; and April McQuade/Elementary Para
  4. Approve the resignation of Clarissa Kjosa/Elementary Associate; Eric Lopez/Bi-Lingual Newcomer Para; and Dave Peterson/Custodian.
  5. Transfers - None
  6. Approve the volunteering of Carla Hernandez Farinas/ Bi-Lingual Newcomer Para
  7. Acceptance of Donations/Gifts to the District- None
  8. Approve the Dordt College Theatre Festival Overnight Trip 11/2/18 and 11/3/18
  9. Approver the UNI Thespian Festival Overnight Trip – 11/9/18 and 11/10/18
  10. Approve the early graduation request of Marissa Aguirre
  11. Approve the new Use of Facilities Updates

Superintendent Dugger shared information on the tour following the meeting, initial enrollment thoughts, and the great start to the new year.

Principal Schutte shared information on her beginning of the year meetings with classrooms regarding expectations.

Principal Knudtson shared information on the Jr. High. Schedule and interventions.

Mr. Zurbriggen shared information on school safety and emergency management protocol updates.

President Smith opened the public hearing regarding the Instructional Support Levy at 6:44 pm.  There were no public comments.  The hearing was closed at 6:45 pm.

Motion by Gericke, second by Cox, to resolve to continue participation in the Instructional Support Levy Program, with no tax increase, for FY20-FY25.  Carried unanimously.

Motion by Cox, second by Gericke, to approve the second reading of the following board policies.  Carried unanimously.

  1. 105 Assistance Animals.  This new policy to clarifies the use of service animals, assistive animals, therapy animals and emotional support animals.
  2. 606.3 Animals in the Classroom.  This policy was updated to be consistent with Board Policy 105 which allows service, assistive, therapy, and emotional support animals.
  3. 705.1 Purchasing – Bidding.  The amended policy adds language that requires compliance with federal and state laws for the selection and suspension of federal and state contractors.
  4. 705.1R1 Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors Procedure.  The new regulation adds a procedural framework for evaluating and screening contractors who have been suspended or debarred from continuing to transact with the District.
  5. 710.1 School Nutrition Program.  The amended policy adds language that requires compliance with federal and state laws for the selection and suspension of federal and state contractors.

Motion by Cox, second by Jacobs, to adjourn the meeting at 6:47 PM.  Carried unanimously.

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Jamie Smith, President                                                        Melissa Fettkether, Secretary