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Code No. 101.2 Educational Philosophy of the Cora B. Darling Elementary/Middle School

Educational Philosophy

Series 100

Code No.  101.2

Policy Title:  Educational Philosophy of the Cora B. Darling Elementary/Middle School


We believe education should be a preparation for life involving a continuous developmental process in which the teacher is able to recognize individual differences and has the initiative and ingenuity to take learners from where they are and guide them to the proper educational level.

This process involves the acquisition of certain essential facts, the development of skills and appreciation, the cultivation of an inquiring mind, and the attainment of rational attitudes toward change within and without the body, to combat disease and deprivation, and to meet new and different situations.

We believe in the education of the whole learner, to the end that youth experience success and may be prepared for our complex civilization and in turn contribute to the social, economic, political, and spiritual advancement of the community, state, nation, and world.

Approved:  12-13-99                          Reviewed:     2/13/12                          Revised  12/10/07

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