Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Code No. 301.3 Superintendent of Schools – Functions


Series 300

Code No. 301.3

Policy Title:  Superintendent of Schools – Functions


The Superintendent of Schools shall be the executive officer of the Board of Education and shall have such powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board, and said superintendent shall supervise all employees connected with the Postville Community School District.



  1. To prepare the agenda of each Board of Education meeting in cooperation with the Board President and with the assistance of the Board secretary.
  2. To be present at all Board of Education meetings and to serve as the Board’s chief professional advisor.
  3. To provide positive leadership in the continuous study and improvement of the total program of the school.
  4. To prepare and to present to the Board of Education pertinent facts, results of studies, investigations, and reports which will be helpful to the Board in the development of rules, regulations, programs, and policy statements which are necessary to the management and operation of the over-all school program.



  1. Prepare and present to the Board of Education a detailed budget for its consideration and adoption.
  2. Collect and interpret data for use in preparing annual and long-range budgets.
  3. Direct and supervise the preparation of all financial reports, payrolls, vendor payments, and the system of accounting for expenditures of district funds.
  4. Establish purchasing procedures and requisitioning procedures for the district.
  5. Direct the purchase of all supplies and equipment that come within the approved budget. In case of unusual expenditures, the Board of Education shall be consulted.



  1. Keep informed regarding school systems in other communities. For this purpose, expenses shall be paid while observing other school districts or while attending certain educational conferences.
  2. Be encouraged to attend professional and educational meetings as well as state and national conferences for the purpose of keeping informed regarding successful programs made in schools located in other areas.
  3. Keep constantly informed of current happenings, issues, and the concerns in contemporary education.



  1. Interpret school district policy to all school personnel and to the general public of the Postville Community School District.
  2. Interpret the school to the public through the news media and through community organizations, as well as through individuals who are residents of the school community.



  1. Provide professional leadership for the program of recruitment, selection, and retention of all instructional and noninstructional staff members.
  2. Provide professional leadership for the establishment and the maintenance of inservice programs for all personnel of the school district.
  3. Provide professional leadership in the development, evaluation, and revision, and of the total educational experience provided for all students in the district.
  4. Direct and provide professional leadership for the hot lunch and custodial programs in the school district.
  5. With the approval of the Board of Education, assign all personnel to their positions within the school system and shall make and recommend any and all necessary transfers and changes, as in the superintendent’s judgment, may be necessary.
  6. Transmit all communications from the Board of Education to all members of the staff, and shall transmit all communications from the staff to the Board of Education.



  1. Provide the professional leadership necessary to the administration team so that the general policies of the Board of Education shall be implemented via specific rules and regulations.
  2. Recommend to the Board policies in regard to the opening and closing dates of the school year, staff meetings and conventions, holidays, and the over-all adoption of the school calendar.



  1. Provide professional leadership in the development of the over-all curriculum to be provided to the students and the adults of the Postville Community School District.
  2. Provide professional leadership to the administrative team in such matters as discipline and methods of professional instruction used in the classroom.
  3. Be allowed four weeks of vacation per year.
  4. Specific enumeration of the duties of the Superintendent as detailed above shall not act to limit the board authority and responsibility of the office of superintendent.

Approved:      8-11-03                                        Reviewed:   4-9-12                              Revised:    4/14/08

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