Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Code No. 401.2 Employee Political Activity

Staff Personnel

Series 400

Code No. 401.2

Policy Title:  Employee Political Activity


Employees shall not partake and/or approve the engagement of political activity upon property under the jurisdiction of the board.  Activities including, but not limited to, posting of political circulars or petitions, the distribution of political circulars or petitions, the collection of or solicitation for campaign funds, solicitation for campaign workers, and the use of students for writing or addressing political materials, or the distribution of such materials to or by students are specifically prohibited.

Violation of this policy may be grounds for disciplinary action.


Legal Reference:                 Iowa Code §§ 55; 279.8 (1995).

Approved:  11/10/03                                          Reviewed:    5/14/12                           Revised:     4/14/08 

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