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Code No. 501.3 – Exhibit D Student Attendance

Student Personnel

Series 500

Code No. 501.3 – Exhibit D

Policy Title:  Student Attendance


Iowa is a compulsory attendance state.  Parents within this school district who have children who are over six and under sixteen years of age by September 15 shall have the children attend school at the attendance center designated by the board.  Failure to have the children in school is a violation of Iowa State law.

(Iowa Code 299,BP 501)

Students are expected to attend classes regularly, and to be on time in order to receive maximum benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Tardies, unexcused lateness to class is unacceptable. Tardies will result in one detention for a first offense, two for the second, four for the third, eight for the fourth, etc.


Excused absences include:

Personal illness, hospitalization

Professional appointments that cannot be made other than during school time, approved in advance, with proof of attendance upon return to school.

This includes the driver license exam in Postville.

Family situations that constitute an unusual need for absence.

Family outings approved in advance in writing by parent or legal guardian.

Approved school activities:

                                Field trips

Activity bus departures

Requests of School Proctors (administrators, counselor, teachers, etc.)

Preapproved attendance at state tournaments

College visits and job interview


The following requests for an excused absence will be denied:

                                Personal business senior pictures, tanning, prom dresses, prom tuxedos, personal reasons.


Four days of unexcused absences (truancy) in any class during the semester will result in a failing status and withdrawal from class.  Students enrolled in less than four academic courses because of violating the unexcused attendance policy will be dropped from the school roster entirely.  The first unexcused absence (truancy) will result in two detentions per period missed, four detentions per period missed for the second offence, eight for the third offense, etc.

Notification of unexcused absences will be sent to the parents after the second absence and by certified mail after the fourth absence.

Student may appeal within three school days after notification of loss of credit or decision under this policy to the guidance counselor who chairs the appeal committee with one teacher selected by the principal, and one teacher selected by the student.  The decision of the committee may be appealed to the principal within three days after notification, then to the superintendent, and to the Postville Board of Education.  Students may remain in class while during appeal.

Approved:         3-18-98                     Reviewed: 2-11-13              Revised:  3-8-04


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