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Code No. 501.3 – Exhibit E Student Attendance – Senior High School

Student Personnel

Series 500

Code No. 501.3 – Exhibit E

Policy Title:  Student Attendance – Senior High School


Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to be on time in order to receive maximum benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.  Students must be in regular attendance if they are to derive benefits from such educationally sound activities as lectures, special instruction, and individual help in skill development, group discussions, performance tests, films, spontaneous dialogue between teacher and student, and field trips, speakers, and student presentations.  Continuity in the learning process is seriously disrupted by excessive absences.  In most situations the work missed cannot be made up adequately.  It is not possible to teach someone who is not present.

Students who have good attendance records generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school more, and are more employable after leaving school.  Future employers hesitate to hire student with poor attendance records.  For these reasons, students enrolled in the Postville Senior High School must satisfy two basic requirements in order to earn class credits:  (1) satisfy academic requirements, and (2) exhibit good attendance habits.




The four-day unexcused absence policy per trimester is based on the fact that something important happens in class every day and that the activity or interaction with teacher and students can never be exactly duplicated.

In order for the Postville High School staff to do the best possible job of educating the students entrusted to them, the students must be in regular attendance.  A successful educational program requires the cooperation of the parent, the student, and the school staff at all points in the process.  One of the most vital points is that of student attendance.  We cannot teach a student who is not present.  The following policy has been developed to encourage good attendance and good work ethics.

Four-day unexcused absence/attendance policy:

  1. A two-day attendance report will be prepared for every student who reaches two unexcused absences in a class. The office will attempt a conference with the student and obtain the student signature after the second day of absence.  The notice will then be mailed to the parent/guardian.  The office will continue to notify the student of the number of absences accumulated after the two-day notice.
  2. The four-day attendance report will be prepared when a student accumulates four unexcused absences in a class. The report will be mailed certified to the parent/guardian.  A trimester absence of four days from any class will place a student in failing status.  The student will remain in the class until the time of his/her appeal to the office for the privilege of remaining in that class for credit.  The appeal form must be completed and returned to the office by the due date specified on the form, which will be three school days after the four-day absence.
  3. When a student is enrolled in less than four academic courses because of violating the four-day unexcused attendance policy, the student will be dropped from the school roster entirely.


Student Appeal for Credit Procedure:

  1. The office will give verbal and written notice to all students who have exceeded the four-day unexcused absence limit in the classes.
  2. The office will have available for students the student appeal for credit form. The office will fill in the number of absences and the due date at the time they give the form to the student.  (It is suggested that students pick up forms before or after school to allow the office sufficient time to answer student questions.)
  3. The student will have the opportunity to express his/her reasons for remaining in class on the form and if he/she wishes you may meet with the committee.
  4. The student will return the form to the office prior to, or on the due date for committee consideration.
  5. The decision to allow students to remain in class rest with the committee. The committee will consist of the counselor, a teacher selected by the principal, and a teacher selected by the student.
  6. When the appeal form has been appropriately completed, the committee will review it, make a decision, notify the student of the decision and forward it to the principal’s office.
  7. Please understand that this appeal is not to validate reasons for past absences but the student should be prepared to do extra work or put in extra time to convince the committee of his/her sincerity to remain in class.


Additional Guidelines

An absence count will start only upon a student’s first registered day in a class.

Absences, which are due solely to hospitalization or long-term illness, will not be counted in the four-day unexcused absence limit per trimester if parents immediately provide the school with a written doctor’s excuse, which lists the specific dates in question.

Students who wish to participate in school-sponsored activities must attend school (3 periods) the day of the activity unless permission has been given by the principal for the student to be absent.

Class absence as a result of approved school activities will not count within the four-day unexcused absence limit per trimester.  Unless otherwise indicated, students who miss class due to requests from administrators and counselor fall within the approved school activities category.  The administrator and counselor will do their best to call students from classes only when other opportunities are not available.  All work for these school activities or field trips shall be made up before the student leaves.

Students denied course credit based upon excessive unexcused absences may utilize the due process procedures available at Postville High School.  Students who desire to appeal the committee’s decisions must notify the principal within three school days of notification of the committee’s decision, and return a completed form to the principal’s office entitled POSTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT APPEAL FOR CREDIT FORM TO COMMITTEE AND ADMINSITRATION.


Appeal Process

  • Committee
  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • Board of Education

Approved:         8-14-95                     Reviewed: 2-11-13                              Revised:  2-13-06


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