Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Student Personnel

Series 500

Code No. 501.3 – Exhibit F



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 This report is to bring to your attention that your student is experiencing attendance problems in this class.  We understand unavoidable absences occur at times, however, the academic needs of a student are hindered when the student is not in attendance.  Many important activities take place in the classroom and are lost to the student when he or she is absent.  Please review this report seriously and contact the school if you desire further information.  For the benefit of the student, we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Check one:

_______ Your son or daughter has been absent two unexcused times from this class.  A trimester absence of four unexcused days from this class will place this student in a failing status.  The purpose of this report is to make you aware of your son or daughter’s attendance record before he/she reaches the four-day limit.

_______ Your son or daughter has been absent four unexcused times from this class.  According to the Postville Attendance policy, this student is placed in a failing status for this class.  If the student appeals he or she will remain in the class and continue all the requirements of the class until the appeal form has been completed and the committee has rendered their decision.

Appeal forms are available to the student upon request from the office.  The appeal deadline is three school days from written notification from the office.  If the appeal form is not turned in by the three day due date, the student will be dropped from that class.

The decision to allow the student to continue with the class rests with the committee.  The committee will set expectations for the student.  If the student does not meet these expectations, he or she will be dropped from this class.  If the class is a year course they could be dropped out of two or more trimesters.

I am aware of my attendance record in this class.

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