Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Code No. 601.2 School Calendar

Educational Program

Series 600

Code No. 601.2

Policy Title:  School Calendar


The Superintendent of Schools shall have the responsibility for developing an official school calendar to the Board of Directors for approval and adoption.  Board approval of the school calendar shall be prior to the time of issuance of personnel contracts for the ensuing year and shall be considered as an official part of these contracts.

The Board of Directors shall have the prerogative to amend the school calendar when it is determined to be in the best interest of the school district.

The school district’s academic calendar shall accommodate the educational program of the school district.  The calendar shall include, but not be limited to, the days for student instruction, professional development, summer school, and parent/teacher conferences.

The school academic year for students shall be for a minimum of 180 days in the school calendar.  The school academic year for students may begin each year in the week in which September 1 falls, unless a waiver is obtained from the Iowa Department of Education.  School district personnel may be required to report to work at the school district prior to this date.

Special education students may attend school on a school calendar different from that of the regular education program consistent with their Individualized Education Program.

The board, at its discretion, may excuse graduating seniors from up to five days of instruction after the school district requirements for graduation have been met.  The board may also excuse graduating seniors from making up days missed due to inclement weather if the student has met the school district’s graduation requirements.


Legal reference:                   Iowa Code §§ 12.1(7)

Approval:  7-12-10                             Reviewed:  4-8-13                               Revised:  ____________

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