Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Code No. 602.1 Elementary Curriculum

Educational Program

Series 600

Code No. 602.1

Policy Title:  Elementary Curriculum


The program of instruction in the regular elementary school shall include:

  1. the language arts, embracing reading, writing, spelling, and oral and written expression
  2. the social studies, embracing history, geography, and civics
  3. arithmetic
  4. science
  5. physical education
  6. health
  7. music
  8. arts and crafts

Each of these subjects’ fields shall insofar as practicable embrace in the materials used, and in the teaching procedures employed, instruction in study and work habits, media, technology, safety, thrift, conservation, health and hygiene, citizenship, the establishment of purpose, and the development of character and morality.  Provision shall be made for the inculcation of ideals of group and individual behavior, and to this end organized play, intramural sports and games, hobby groups, and other organized student activities shall be fostered.

Special curriculum guides shall be prepared whenever it is felt that such guides will be of assistance in the instructional program.  These guides shall be designed to provide a consistent approach to instructional problems and to furnish information as to available supplementary materials and related activities.

In all instances, the elementary curriculum shall meet the educational requirements established by the Postville Board of Education, state statute, and the Iowa Department of Education.

Approved:  1-16-75                            Reviewed:    4-8-13                                             Revised:  12-8-03

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