Postville CSD School Board Policies

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Code No. 701.2 Scope of School Lunch Program

Auxiliary Services

Series 700

Code No. 701.2

Policy Title:  Scope of School Lunch Program


School lunch facilities are provided to serve students and all school personnel when school is in session and during school-related activities.  Facilities may also be used for food services to:  (1) teacher or other school personnel groups, (2) parent-teacher meetings, and (3) civic organization meetings.

The school lunch program shall be under the direction of a school lunch director who will establish and maintain a central record system, prepare menus and recipes, develop standards, initiate purchasing, recommend personnel for employment, promotion or dismissal, and conduct inservice training programs.

Approved:   8-20-75                                           Reviewed:    5/13/13                           Revised:   4/14/08

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