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Code No. 901 Use of School Buildings and Facilities

Building and Sites

Series 900

Code No. 901

Policy Title:  Use of School Buildings and Facilities


The buildings, sites, and equipment of the Postville Community School District may be made available for a fee to local nonprofit entities that promote cultural, educational, civic, community, or recreational activities.  Such use will be permitted only when the use does not interfere with or disrupt the education program or school-related activity.  The board reserves the right to deny use of the buildings, sites, and equipment to any group.

  • All request from the nonschool use for any facility should be made to the building principal who will in turn send it to the appropriate personnel (Central Office, Activities Director, Head Custodian, Media Specialist, and Applicant)
  • It is within the discretion of the board to allow for profit entities to use school district buildings and sites.
  • The facilities will be made available only to organizations serving the local community.
  • A school employee shall be in attendance or available on site. *If the activity takes place during times other than a custodian’s normal hours, the user must pay for this time.  School personnel must be in charge when the school kitchens are used for meal preparation.
  • Need for early access and/or late departure from times of leased activity will necessitate payment for custodian for such coverage.
  • A rental form must be signed for the use for the facility and the user fees provided for in the form must be paid to the Postville Community School District, 312 West Post, Postville, Iowa
  • Any damage to equipment or cost incurred for cleaning will be paid for by the user organization using the facility.
  • A minimum of $300,000 bodily insurance, $1,000 medical insurance, and $10,000 in property damage insurance coverage must be possessed by the group. The undersigned will hold the Postville Community School District harmless from any and all damages and claims that may arise by reason of any negligence on the part of the organization in use of any facility or equipment owned by the school district.  In case any action is brought therefore against the school district or any of its officers, employees or agents, the organization using the school’s facilities/equipment will assume full responsibility for legal defense thereof, and upon its failure to do so on proper notice, the school district reserves the right to defend such action and to charge all cost, including attorney’s fees, to the entity.

Approved:  1-12-04                                            Reviewed:  6/10/13                                             Revised:  4/14/08

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