Carolina Science and the Next Generation Science Standards

Carolina Science and the Next Generation Science Standards


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are new standards that were adopted by Iowa in 2015.  The goals are to support college and career readiness, prepare scientifically literate citizens, dig deeper, have coherent K – 12 progression of scientific concepts and practices, and focus on cross-disciplinary integration.

The NGSS reflect how Science is done in the real world by intertwining three dimensions:  Scientific and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas.  All core concepts are organized in a K-12 progression.  What each grade span discusses is built upon in the next grade.  The NGSS correlate to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Postville Community Schools purchased Carolina Science kits for grades K – 8th grade in 2016.  Teachers are implementing these kits during their Science instruction.  Our Carolina Science kits are directly aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.  Each kit includes lessons and materials that support the three dimensions.  They include rigorous content, hands-on activities, and higher order thinking connections that can go across disciplines.  Some of the kits include live organisms or organisms to dissect.  Every grade level K-8th grade has 3 kits.  One kit focuses on Physical Science.  One kit is focuses on Life Science, and one kit focuses on Earth and Space Science.


Here are the specific kits for our grades K – 5.

Physical Science Life Science Earth and Space Science
Kindergarten Push, Pull, Go Exploring Plants & Animals Exploring My Weather
1st Sound and Light Exploring Organisms Sky Watchers
2nd Matter Ecosystems Diversity Earth Materials
3rd Forces and Interactions Life in Ecosystems Weather and Climate Patterns
4th Energy Works Plant and Animal Structures Changing Earth
5th Structure & Properties Matter & Energy in Ecosystems Earth & Space Systems


During these Carolina Science units, students are conducting investigations, solving problems, and engaging in discussions with teachers’ guidance.  Students are discussing open-ended questions, writing in journals, and creating presentations that explain their thinking.  Carolina Science kits offer our school an amazing foundation as we implement the new Next Generation Science Standards.


Jennifer Schutte

Curriculum Director / Dean of Students