April PBIS Winners (K-6)

winning PBIS students

Postville is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) School . Part of PBIS is to celebrate the things that students do right. Throughout the year, the students in the elementary practice The Pirate Way Expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and can earn Pirate Bars when a staff member sees them following The Pirate Way. At the end of each month, every classroom teacher from Junior Kindergarten through Sixth Grade chooses a Student of the Month based on the students' behaviors and the number of Pirate Bars the students have received. These students are recognized on stage with a certificate and their choice of a pirate bandanna or an eye patch at the Student of the Month Assembly. All of the students' Pirate Bars are put into a gold raffle spinner and at the end of the assembly, Mrs. J Schutte draws random Pirate Bars for students to win a prize. During the month of April, we gave away four bikes as the random prizes.

April PBIS Winners

Students Raise $4,272.95 for the American Heart Association

K-6 students participated in Jump Rope For Heart. They were given a goal to raise $2,300 since that was what we were close to last year. After counting all the online donations and cash the student met and surpassed that goal. They raised a total of $4,272.95! 16 people raise at least a $100! Congratulations to Kiele Eberling, who raised the most money! A lot of hard work by the teachers, Nick Zieman, and most of all the students. The school staff thanks all of the people and organizations that donated to this cause.

Students Celebrate “Postville Football League” and “Dr. Suess Day”

Postville Elementary is promoting reading month with a theme of Postville Football League (PFL).  Friday, February 2 was Team or Team Seuss Day were students were encouraged to wear a team jersey or shirt celebrating your favorite team of any sport. Students had reading buddies in different classes and read Dr. Seuss books with each other. The students are celebrating Dr. Seuss Day a month early to make sure they have enough Seuss books to share! Enjoy the slideshow of the students reading below.

Mrs. Lage's class read some books, too
Took some time to read for me and you
They read the books with a buddy
In the library, they got a chance to study
Reading Month is so much fun
Mrs. Lage's class says, "Reading is #1!"

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View a Video Created By The Elementary School For American Education Week

This is a video that was created in the Elementary School under the Supervision of our K-12 TAG Coordinator, Carolyn Combs for American Education Week.  Additional support for this video was provided by the American Education Week Team that consists of Lisa Acevedo, Danielle Rose, Jennifer Harman, and Carolyn Combs.


Marcy Kraus created a Donor’s Choose project over the summer to get funding for the stability balls. The goal of the balls is to increase the students’ movement throughout the day. The fourth graders are on a very rigorous schedule to help the students meet the benchmarks for fourth grade.  While they do include brain breaks that allow them to get up and move, they don’t have the ability to do them as much as what some of the students need. The stability balls will help let out their fidgets while still staying on task at their table. The students and their families will be able to choose whether they want their fourth grader on a stability ball or on a traditional chair. The stability balls will help the students by providing an appropriate outlet for their need to move.

To watch the video, follow this link