Economy Classroom Work

For 3rd quarter, Mrs. Lenth used an idea of Classroom Economy with her 7th grade exploratory classes. She learned about the idea from another colleague and the resource that explains the program is located at this website: It offers many suggestions and each instructor can adapt the idea to make it fit their situation.

Students earn paychecks for a successful day in class. They also have to pay desk rent, electricity, and taxes during certain times of the course. Students also pay fines if they need to borrow a pencil, charge their laptop, or don't display cooperative habits. They kept our data on a weekly log to show income and expenses. Then the students shared their ideas on a reflection form.

At the end of our course, students were able to purchase "rewards" with their classroom dollars. Rewards included coupons, treats, & small novelty items. Thanks to Mr. Knudtson for sharing some of the Guppy's reward coupons with our group.

Many of the students commented that they enjoyed the "Classroom Economy" since they learned about keeping track of money and recording data. It also simulated the "workplace" where a person earn money, yet have to pay expenses.