FAST Assessments

The Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST) is an online site of assessment tools that are designed to make assessments efficient and instructionally relevant.  The ultimate goal of using the FASTBridge Assessment site is to use technology to automate scoring, data entry, analysis, and reporting.  Teachers spend less time assessing and more time analyzing data and improving instruction.

Cora B. Darling Elementary currently assesses students using earlyReading, CBMreading, and aReading.  These assessments are given tri-annually.  Teacher teams analyze that data, identify students in need of interventions, and improve instruction according to the results.

This spring our school has agreed to pilot the math and behavior component of FASTBridge.  There are three main math assessments that will be administered to our students: earlyMath, CBMmath, and aMath.  The behavior assessments that we will be utilizing are devMilestones and REACT.

EarlyMath is an assessment for for K-1st grades.  It allows us to screen and monitor a students’ progress in foundational math skills.  EarlyMath performance is an indicator of student math development.  It is designed to assess math skills that predict successful math proficiency.

CBMmath evaluates a student’s ability to fluently compute basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

aMath is an assessment for 2 – 6th graders which is a simple and efficient way of assessing students’ broad math abilities.  aMath is a computer adaptive test that is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

As for behavior, the FASTBridge Developmental Milestones (devMilestones) tool tracks student development across 6 domains.  It is designed to evaluate a students’ performance related to established behavior expectations.  The 6 domains include:  Language, Literacy, and Communications; Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Development; Creativity and the Arts; Approaches to Learning; and Physical and Motor Development.

The Responsive Environmental Assessment for Classroom Teaching (REACT) is a student rating scale that allows teachers to learn more about how students experience the class environment.  The REACT assesses six characteristics of effective classroom environments:  Instructional Presentation; Differentiated Instruction; Formative Feedback; Goal Orientation; Classroom Management; and Classroom Connectedness.

The Leadership Team of Cora B. Darling are excited to implement these new assessments in order to continue to improve the teaching and learning  for our students.


Jennifer Schutte
Curriculum Director / Dean of Students