Foods Classes Composts Their Food Waste

compost tower
Mrs. Rupard's Foods class has started composting their organic leftovers from food labs with the help of WORMS. While the idea of having a tower of worms in your room might sound disgusting to some, Mrs. Rupard and her classes have gotten accustomed to the new "class pets" and enjoy seeing the progress the worms make daily as they break down leftovers that are fed to them after food labs. Peels, cores, egg shells and more are saved and added to the compost tray for the worms to break down into soil.
The idea of worm composting came from Central Community High School when Mrs. Rupard mentioned that she wanted to have a compost bin in her classroom, but was worried about the smell that would likely come with it. Ms. Gritzner, Central's Environmental Science teacher, then mentioned the idea of using worms to help with the process. She explained that worms help decompose food more rapidly and there are special towers that are designed to keep the right environment for things to run smoothly. Central currently uses worm composting on a large scale and composts much of the organic waste that would otherwise be thrown away at lunch. 
While on a smaller scale, Mrs. Rupard's class is cutting waste from class with the help of a 3 tiered worm tower and 2,000 worms that were gifted to Postville School from Central Community School.
For more information about worm composting use this website. Can-O-Worms Composting