Help Students Prepare For Semester Tests

student taking a test

Students in grades 9-12 will be taking semester tests on December 19 and December 20.  Odd class periods will take their test on Wednesday, December 19 (19 is an odd number). Even class periods will take their tests on Thursday, December 20. These semester tests may be cumulative finals or projects and may be a part of their final semester grade.  These are important for teachers and students to reflect on what was learned during the first half of the school year so that improvements may be made.

Please take time to discuss with your child what they will be doing for their semester tests and help them be prepared.


Tips for helping your child be prepared for a successful semester test

  • Show an interest in your child's tests by asking what they will be doing for their tests
  • Provide them an adequate breakfast on the testing days
  • Make sure students go to bed early enough to obtain an adequate amount of sleep
  • Remind students to study if needed
  • Make sure students arrive to school on time