Holiday Food Drive

The National Honor Society held a Holiday Food Drive to help our local food pantry last December.  Students brought non-perishable food items and/or paper products to school. A High School class competition was held to see which homeroom contributed the most.  The top homerooms in grades K-6, and 7-8 were rewarded.
Donation Totals
2015-16: 800+
2014-15: 470
2013-14: 800+
HS Winning Classes
2015-16: Junior won with 170+ items.
2014-15: Seniors won with 166 items.
2013-14: HS – Seniors won with 152 items.
Elementary/JH Winning Classes
2015-16: Mrs. Kraus, Mrs. J. Schutte, Ms. Hutchins, & Ms. Schuknecht
2014-15: Mrs. Friederich & Mrs. Kleve
2013-14: Mr. Olsen with 62 and Mrs. Ohloff with 58