Parent & Student Information for Iowa Assessments

Parent information

Students in grades 9-12 will be taking the Iowa Assessments from March 19 to March 26.  Our schools performance on these tests are made public and are used by the state to determine if the students are learning what they are supposed to be learning.  It can also be used by the staff to guide what needs to be focused on in class.  For these reasons this test is very important and we ask for parents help in preparing students to perform their best.  Please follow the tips below to encourage your child.


Tips for helping your child be prepared for a successful Iowa Assessments

  • Show an interest in your child’s testing by wishing them luck on their Iowa Assessments every day they have one
  • Provide them an adequate breakfast on the testing days
  • Make sure students go to bed early enough to obtain an adequate amount of sleep
  • Make sure students arrive to school on time
  • Ask them how their tests went at the end of the day and give them encouraging advice.
image of testing bubble sheet

student information

High School IA Assessments Schedule 2017-2018
Period Monday March 19th Tuesday March 20th Wednesday

March 21st

1:30 Early Out


March 22nd


March 23rd


March 26th

1:30 Early Out

2 Soc. Studies (40min)


3   Reading  (40min)        
4     Math  (40min)

* complete during 4th and 6th periods*

7           Vocab (15 min) and

Computation (20min)          * may run into 8th period*

8         Written Expression (40min)  
9       Science (40min)    
Junior High School IA Assessments Schedule 2017-2018
Period Thursday

April 5th


April 6th


April 9th


April 10th


April 11th

1:30 Early Out

2 Soc. Studies (40min)


3   Reading  (40min)      
4     Math  (40min)    
6       Science (40min)  
7         Vocab (15 min)