Postville High School Presents “Million Dollar Meatballs”

On Saturday Nov. 18th and Sunday Nov. 19th, the high school drama students will present the play “Million Dollar Meatballs” by Todd Wallinger. The play is produces by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc. Denver, CO.

Get ready for a comedy of epicurean proportions! Two bumbling jewel thieves are on the run from the cops when they duck into Chez Monyeu, a restaurant so bad the mice are their only repeat customers. And that’s just the start of their problems. Not only has Chez Monyeu’s chef just quit, but the city’s most powerful restaurant critic is about to arrive. In desperation, the restaurant’s owner, mistaking the thieves for famous French chefs, insist that they make their renowned Million Dollar Meatballs for the tough-minded critic. Insanity ensues as the pair try to keep up the ruse while hunting for the seven priceless diamonds they lost. Will the thieves get away with their crime? Where could the diamonds have gone? And why are the meatballs so crunchy? Find out in this deliciously funny farce!

The students involved in this year’s fall production are: Tierney Bodley as Olive Pitt , Roberto Lopez as Boris Stroganoff, Rebecca Weller as Ginger Snap, Collin Bacon as Gordon Ramrod, Litci Marroquin as Sue Dujour, Owen Jacobson as Officer Smith, Travis Fish and Emma Heinsas Officer Wesson, Nick Jacobs as Beans, Jacob Steffans as Frankie, Gabe Loera as Humphrey, Isaac Steffans as Cecil Blueblood, and Peyton Smith as Tammy Tonedeaf.

So if you are looking for an entertaining adventure, mark your calendars for the upcoming production and come out and see a great performance!