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Pirate Volunteer Gold Cord Guidelines


Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect.  Postville High students are encouraged to perform at least 100 hours of community service during their four years of high school.  Students who achieve this level of service and submit the appropriate forms will receive a gold service cord when they graduate.

Community service is not a graduation requirement, but it can make a big difference when students are applying for admission to colleges and trade schools, and for scholarships to pay for higher education.  It can also provide excellent work experience for students who will be entering the job market.


The purpose of the volunteer program is to provide all high school students the opportunity to have a positive impact on our local community while learning that service to others is an on-going part of life.


Students may earn a Gold Cord to be worn at graduation, which indicates they community volunteer services during their 4 years at Postville High School.  From the time they enter high school until they graduate, students will provide 100 hours of service to earn the cord.  


Just remember, it is strongly recommended that you turn in your volunteer hours every year.  This will help you remember the dates and times, so you are not scrambling for hours as a senior.        


What qualifies as community service:

·      Volunteer work at church. (Service trips, only hours of actual volunteer work will be counted.)

·      Volunteer work done during scouting

·      Volunteer work done for 4-H or other non-school club

·      Special events on school premises sponsored by local charities or businesses (ex: blood drives)

·      Staff supervised voluntary tutoring of other students for which credit is not earned or any other staff supervised voluntary service performed as a member of school.


What does NOT Count as community service:

·      Court-ordered community service hours

·      Practicum/internships

·      Job Shadows

·      Any work done for credit at school

·      Any work done for school activities in which the student may earn a letter, ribbon, medal, certificate, or any other award for a class, activity, club or team.

·      No unsupervised hours.  No undocumented work.

·      Work for relatives (examples: raking leaves for grandparents, babysitting for sister, etc.)

·      Any work done for pay.

·      Work done as a part extracurricular activity that benefits that group or program. (Prom decorating as a junior, Concession Stand as a junior)


There are many opportunities to volunteer.  If you have questions about what constitutes volunteering, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Documentation will include a form that will document the exact times and dates of services provided.  No estimated, undocumented “bundles” of hours will be accepted.  The supervisor will also sign and date the documentation sheet