Pre-Employment Strategies

Students Take NCR Exams

The Pre-Employment Strategies class recently took the National Career Readiness exams as part of their curriculum. The test includes three parts: Applied Math, Reading for Information and Locating Information. Just as the ACT measures academic standing, this test measures career workplace skills. Students can earn different levels such as platinum, gold, silver or bronze after taking the test. Each of these levels represents the different amount of skills that are typically demonstrated in various careers. For example: a silver level shows that the student has the foundational skills for 67% of the jobs available; a gold level has the foundational skills for 93% of the jobs.

The certificate may be included on their resumes and presented during job interviews. We appreciate Cassie Martin, the NICC Career Coach, for facilitating our exams at Postville High. Our students will learn their results in a few weeks and we appreciate their dedication and willingness to try their best.