Senior Field Trip – Reality 101

The Reality 101 field trip ALL Seniors are going on Wednesday morning is held at the Waukon High School.  They have been doing this for years and it is a wonderful opportunity for students to see what it is like in the real world.

The gym is set up with many different stations the students all have to go to. Each student is given a family scenario and they have to set up a checking account, pay bills (electric, water, insurance, daycare, etc. )  There will be situations that come up in their lives they will have to deal with.  For example, they may be picked up by a cop for driving under influence and have to go to jail.  They may get a divorce and have to go to the judge (Barry Mueller) to pay child support.  They are even asked to give donations.

At the end they all have to turn in their accounts (that is why they need a pencil and calculator) and hopefully they did not go bankrupt.  Some students invest wisely and  they can go to the Harley dealer to buy a harley!   There are 80 businessmen from Allamakee Co. who take the morning off for this wonderful event.  One of the things most kids will tell you when they come back is…. “I’m not going to have kids for a long time!