Steps to Register for Algebra 1 Part 1 with MathXL

Dear Student:

Your teacher has set up a MathXL for School course for you named Algebra 1 Part 1 using *Algebra 1 Common Core (2015). In order to join this class, you will first need to register for MathXL for School, then enroll in your teacher's course. We recommend that a teacher or parent guide you through this process using the instructions below.

1. Registering for MathXL for School

Before you begin, make sure you have an access code. In most cases, your teacher should have given you a handout that includes a student access code (see example below). If you do not have an access code, contact your teacher.

Example of a Personal Student Registration Record

To register, go to and click the Register button. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.


2. Enrolling in your teacher's course

After registering, log in to MathXL for School with your username and password. To enroll in your teacher's course, you will need your teacher's Course ID.

The Course ID for your class is:

After enrolling in your course, you are ready to start working in MathXL for School.


P.S.: For additional help, refer to these resources: