Thespian Induction Ceremony

On Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30pm, our new JH and HS Thespian Troupes will be honoring our first round of inductees! The ceremony will take place in the Fine Arts Center.

Thespians is the honors society for those students who participate in drama. The students who are being inducted into thespians have worked very hard in our plays and in speech to earn this honor. Everyone is invited to share in this ceremony.

Students who will be inducted are:

Junior Thespian Troupe: Estevan Sanchez, Khiaya Burns, Monica Santoyo, Wilson Perez, Daniel Garland-Stern, Aleesa Lavrenko, Kelleigh Martins, Olivia Lansing, Logan Shipp, Kim Mucia and Emily Navarro.

High School Troupe: Litci Marroquin, Veronica Santoyo, Kelsey Mucia, Katherine Munoz, Jennifer Bernal, Marcy Ixen, Andrew Hernandez, Justin Hileman, Emma Heins and Sapphire Miller.

Refreshments will be served after.