Watch 6th Grade Students Perform Two One-Act Plays

Postville's 6th graders will be performing two, one-act plays in the Fine Arts Center on

Friday, April 26th at 7pm.

The plays are called "Snow...Sort of...White" by Ken Bradbury and "Snow White: Story of a Hip Hop Diva" by Murray Austin.

In "Snow...Sort of...White", a narrator attempts to tell the story of Snow White, but keeps being interrupted by familiar characters like the Wicked Stepmother and the dwarves, and a few new ones, like...Prince Bob? Can our poor Narrator take back control of the story before things get too far out of hand?

In "Snow White: Story of a Hip Hop Diva", the classic fairy tale takes on a new attitude, when a rapping Snow White crosses paths with Coach White, who just wants to recruit players for his basketball team. With a gambling addicted stepsister, lazy dwarves and King Henry the VIII, this is sure to be a version of Snow White unlike any you have ever seen!

Don't miss the stage debut of our newest Pirate Performers! Admission is free!
Directed by Derek and Anne Friederich.