Welcome To Postville School’s New Website

This website was designed with the intent of:

  • Creating a more user-friendly environment by reducing the number of clicks it takes to get the information you are seeking.  All links and information should be laid out on the main High School and Elementary pages, eliminating the need to search through menus.  The menus are still there for those that like them.
  • Focus on Pirate Pride.  At the bottom of the High School and Elementary pages is a section called “Pirate Pride”.  This section will include articles focused on our students with their achievements and with some work that they do in class.  The information is currently old, however, the staff will be working on supplying new information for this and we hopefully will have this for you soon.
  • Content viewing that is more specific to your needs.  We worked harder at separating the Elementary and High School websites and the news contained in them.  We hope you bookmark the either the High School page or the Elementary page and bypass the initial screen.  All the information and news that you will need will be in your specific website.  However if you want to read all of the news (HS and Elementary) that you can proceed to viewing the Home page.
  • Better compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The ADA has guidelines that websites should follow to effectively serve people with disabilities.  This will take time, but we are also working on improving our compliance with this.  Part of this means have less or no PDF and attached documents.
  • Better translation features.  In the bottom left section of the website should be a featured for translating our website.  To increase the effectiveness of this, we will continue to reduce the amount of PDF and attached documents.

Please be patient with us in our transition.  Some pages are not yet ready and will take some time.  These pages include the staff, contact list, and athletic pages.  If you have comments, questions, issues, or have something to add to the website, please contact the website at website@postville.k12.ia.us.