Senior Awards

senior award winners

The Postville High School holds an annual Senior Award Night.  Awards are given to seniors for achievements in various departments or groups.  These awards are listed below along with past recipients of the awards.

Award:KWWL Best of Class2018-19:Drew Lubka2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Iowa State Bar Association - Good Citizenship Award2018-19:Lindsey Davis2017-18:Owen Jacobson2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Bernie Saggau Award2018-19:Brayan Silva2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Mason Smith2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Athlete of the Year - Female2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:2014-15:Anjela Bubiy2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Athlete of the Year - Male2018-19:Harrison Dehning2017-18:Uvaldo Camarillo & Owen Jacobson2016-17:MacKenzie Hughes2015-16:Aaron Swartzendruber2014-15:Evan Jacobson2013-14:Riley Brockway
Award:Sportsmanship - Female2018-19:Kelsey Mucia2017-18:Lakken Cox2016-17:Tania Toj2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Maya Burke2013-14:Mariah Mostaert
Award:Sportsmanship - Male2018-19:Wilmar Marroquin & Cole Walch2017-18:Jacob Steffans2016-17:Ronaldo Gonzalez & Nash Reicks2015-16:Mason Smith2014-15:Gregory Steva2013-14:Ludvin Sarazua
Award:Art2018-19:Kerr Lois Bulaquena & Andrew Hernandez2017-18:Idalia Cordero2016-17:Aureliano Martinez, Alanna Lawerence, Eric Lopez, Tania Toj, Josefina Solis2015-16:Yoselin Perez, Olivia Root, Kaitlyn Heying, Janett Hernandez, Melvin Munoz2014-15:Hector Galvan, Lleyson Chavez, Joseline Martin, Cleiver Toj, Hailey Bodensteiner2013-14:Kely Toj & Stacy Walch
Award:Agriculture Award2018-19:2017-18:Travis Fish2016-17:Cole Spain2015-16:Kolin Schnuelle2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Business & Technology2018-19:Drew Lubka & Litci Marroquin2017-18:Travis Fish, Idalia Cordero, Rebecca Weller2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Aaron Swartzendruber & Levi Hansmeier2014-15:Tanner Jacobsen & Elizabeth Galvan2013-14:Jose Lopez
Award:English2018-19:Alex Garcia2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Eric Lopez2015-16:Olivia Root & Jenna Schutte2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Family Consumer Science2018-19:Litci Marroquin2017-18:Tierney Bodley2016-17:Ahmed Abdullahi2015-16:Yoselin Perez2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Industrial Technology2018-19:Cole Walch2017-18:Jacob Steffans, Dj Marshall, Dylan Bakke2016-17:Elfego Marroquin & Aureliano Martinez2015-16:Josue Marroquin2014-15:Hector Galvan & Robert Nelson2013-14:Juan Esteban Vega & Manuel Garcia
Award:Science2018-19:Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Lakken Cox, Dj Marshall2016-17:MacKenzie Hughes & Tania Toj2015-16:2014-15:2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Physical Education2018-19:Will Moore & Sabino Chilel2017-18:Carlos Figueroa2016-17:Dakota Hamilton & Tania Toj2015-16:Gavin Ruckdaschel2014-15:Bridgette Lubka & Evan Jacobson2013-14:Gerardo Moncada & Courtney Berger
Award:DAR Award - American History2018-19:Cody Loera2017-18:Alissa Wenthe2016-17:Ronaldo Gonzalez2015-16:Grant Imoehl2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Social Studies2018-19:Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Cristian Vega2016-17:Jaleasah Hendry2015-16:Melvin Munoz & Yusuf Haji2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle2013-14:Tanner Walker
Award:Mathematics2018-19:Kerr Lois Bulaquena & Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Josh Dahl & Melvin Munoz2014-15:Benjamin Lenth & Amber Schutte2013-14:Mariah Mostaert & Gerardo Moncada & Jose Lopez & Joshua Jacobs
Award:Spanish2018-19:Cody Loera & Kerr Lois Bulaquena2017-18:Alissa Wenthe2016-17:Eulices Galicia, Eric Lopez, Dakota Hamilton, Sheyla Chavez, Tania Toj2015-16:Josh Dahl2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Vocal Music2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:Alivia Berger & Sierra Gonzalez2015-16:Andrea Vicente2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Speech2018-19:Litci Marroquin, Kelsey Mucia, Emma Heins, Brayan Silva, Andrew Hernandez2017-18:2016-17:Sierra Gonzalez & Kaitlen Leiran2015-16:Melvin Munoz2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle & Elizabeth Galvan & Jaqeline De La Rosa2013-14:Hannah Dougherty & Katherine Knaggs & Mariah Mostaert & Ludvin Sarazua
Award:Drama2018-19:2017-18:Nick Jacobs, Jacob Steffans, Owen Jacobson2016-17:Nash Reicks, Cole Spain, & MacKenzie Hughes2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Jessica Ott & Riley Brockway & Joshua Jacobs & Hannah Dougherty
Award:Volunteer Cords2018-19:2017-18:Tierney Bodley, Lakken Cox, Brooke Holthaus, Nick Jacobs, Owen Jacobson, Dj Marshall, Victoria Nelson, Jacob Steffans, Alexis Valentine,
Alissa Wenthe
2016-17:Rene Acosta, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Sierra Gonzalez, Dakota Hamilton, MacKenzie Hughes, Kaitlen Leiran, Nash Reicks, & Tania Toj2015-16:Grant Imoehl, Jenna Schutte, Hannah Lage, Mason Smith, & Kolin Schnuelle2014-15:Anjela Bubiy, Elizabeth Galvan, Evan Jacobson, Tess Jarmes, Ty Johnson, Daniel Koenig, Benjamin Lenth, Bridgette Lubka, Logan Radloff, Drew Reicks, Sarah Schnuelle, Amber Schutte, Linzie Sebastian, & Gregory Steva2013-14:Muhio Adow, Artem Agadzhanov, Riley Brockway, Hannah Dougherty, Zachary Eberling, Alanda Fishback, Joshua Jacobs, Tristan Keene, Maria DeJesus Lopez, Mariah Mostaert, Jose Lopez, Garret Ohloff, Jessica Ott, Chance Schager, & Mitchell Guese
Award:American Legion Boy's State Award2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:Nash Reicks2014-15:2013-14:Ben Lenth
Award:American Legion Auxiliary Girl's State Award2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:Sierra Gonzalez2014-15:2013-14:Bridgette Lubka

Veterans Day Program

The Postville High School and Middle School Student Councils will be hosting the 41st annual Veterans Day Program. The Program in honor of all Veterans will be held on Friday, November 11 beginning at 10:00 AM in the high school gym.
This year’s Guest Speaker will be Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jay Rekow, a 1995 graduate of Postville High School. There will also be a special presentation for the Quilts of Valor. Along with music from the band and choir departments.


High School Schedule

1 – 8:10 – 8:43 (33 mins.)

2 – 8:46 – 9:19 (33 mins.)

3 – 9:22 – 9:55 (33 mins)

Assembly – 10:00 – 11:00

4 – 11:04 – 11:47 (43 mins.)

6 – 11:50 – 12:34 (44 mins.)

Lunch – 12:34 – 12:59

7 – 1:04 – 1:50 (46 mins.)

8 – 1:54 – 2:40 (46 mins.)

9 – 2:44 – 3:30 (46 mins.)


Junior High Schedule

1 – 8:10 – 8:43 (33 mins.)

2 – 8:46 – 9:19 (33 mins.)

3 – 9:22 – 9:55 (33 mins)

Assembly – 10:00 – 11:00

4 – 11:04 – 11:29 (25 mins.)

Lunch 11:29 – 11:54

5 – 11:54 – 12:09 (15 mins.)

6 – 12:14 – 1:00 (46 mins.)

7 – 1:04 – 1:50 (46 mins.)

8 – 1:54 – 2:40 (46 mins.)

9 – 2:44 – 3:30 (46 mins.)

Red Ribbon Week Activities

Oct. 24 – 28
Activities are sponsored by the Student Ambassadors and ASAP representatives.

Please Support Red Ribbon Week


Grades – Kindergarten – 6th

Monday – “Teaming Up to Be Drug-Free” (Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey/Clothing)

Tuesday – “Elect to be Drug-Free” (Wear Red, White and Blue!!!)

Wednesday – “Hats off to you for not doing drugs – ( wear red and a hat!!!)

Thursday – “Black Out Drugs” – (Everyone Wear Black!!!)

Friday – “Dream Drug-Free” – (Wear your pajamas or favorite comfy clothes.)


Grades 7-12

Monday – “Teaming Up to Be Drug-Free” (Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey/Clothing)

Tuesday – “Elect to be Drug-Free” (Wear Red, White and Blue!!!)

Wednesday – “Don’t Get Twixed to do Drugs” –(Everyone wear red!!!)

Thursday – “Black Out Drugs” – (Everyone Wear Black!!!)

Friday – “Dodge Doing Drugs” – Class Dodgeball Tournament During Advisor Time (Pirate Wear)

Postville High School to Conduct Mock Crash

Postville High School to Conduct Mock Crash with Postville High School Students

Postville High School doesn’t want the class of 2016 going out in a crash; therefore, the high school is sponsoring a mock car crash on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  The mock crash aims to send a hard-hitting reminder of the dangers and consequences of unsafe driving behaviors—such as drinking and/or texting and driving and not buckling up—prior to prom and the end of the school year.

Following the mock crash exercise, students will meet for a brief assembly to educate students about the hazards of impaired and distracted driving and its impact on schools, families and their communities.

High School FBI Assembly

April 13, 2016


On Tuesday, April 12th, FBI Victim Specialist, Karen Gale spoke to grades 7-12 on internet safety.  Karen discussed topics with the students regarding online predators, sexting, and cyberbullying.


Karen has been a Victim Specialist with the FBI for ten years.  She works with victims of federal crimes such as bank robbery, human trafficking, child prostitution, financial institution/mortgage fraud, online sexual exploitation, kidnapping/murder cases, and mass casualty events.

Holiday Food Drive

The National Honor Society held a Holiday Food Drive to help our local food pantry last December.  Students brought non-perishable food items and/or paper products to school. A High School class competition was held to see which homeroom contributed the most.  The top homerooms in grades K-6, and 7-8 were rewarded.
Donation Totals
2015-16: 800+
2014-15: 470
2013-14: 800+
HS Winning Classes
2015-16: Junior won with 170+ items.
2014-15: Seniors won with 166 items.
2013-14: HS – Seniors won with 152 items.
Elementary/JH Winning Classes
2015-16: Mrs. Kraus, Mrs. J. Schutte, Ms. Hutchins, & Ms. Schuknecht
2014-15: Mrs. Friederich & Mrs. Kleve
2013-14: Mr. Olsen with 62 and Mrs. Ohloff with 58

Additional Performance of the School Play: “Just Another Snow Day”

Tuesday, November 24 is the make up performance of the school play.

Postville High School Drama Department Presents

Just Another Snow Day

by Bryan Strachman

Get ready for a night of fun! It’s a Snow Day!! In this collection of hilarious scenes, we see how an unexpected day off from school can be an answer to a prayer…or not! Things pop up throughout the day that will have the audience laughing in their seats. When the lights go out, the school theater becomes the place to be, especially when the power goes out and the generator kicks on.


Performances will be held on:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – 7:00pm

Junior High Play: “I Don’t Have a Clue!” by Craig Sodaro

Postville Junior High School proudly presents

“I Don’t Have a Clue!”

by Craig Sodaro

“When Carol Robinson throws a laugh-packed murder-mystery dinner party for six friends, hires a moody maid to dish up the three-course meal, and refuses to let guests enter without fishnet tights and fedoras, no one is surprised to find a stranger hiding in the window box or two cops casing the joint—except their hostess. Somewhere between the Capone caviar and the Ma Barker biscuits, the guests start unraveling Carol’s hysterical 1929 “whodunit” and find a wad of cash stuffed in a trash can. While Carol’s friends are having the crime of their lives, Carol is baffled. The stranger is a stranger, the cops are strangers, and strange enough, Carol has no clue who stashed the cash in the trash and asks, “Is it real?” With a little help from Carol’s youngest daughter, Corky, Carol’s plot thickens. Corky (and friends) found $75,000 in the park, hid it in the house, and are now being followed by a couple of gangsters, who are being followed by a couple of salesmen, who are being followed by a couple of cops. Before long, Corky and friends find themselves in a heap of trouble when the gangsters demand their cash back and Corky can’t find it (the dinner guests are using it for dessert napkins). What started with dinner and a murder-mystery among friends, ends in hilarious havoc and heart-pounding fun!”

The play will be held in the Fine Arts Center on

February 27th at 7:00pm

March 1st at 2:00 pm

Jeans for Teans

From Monday, February 2 until Thursday February 12, the Junior High Student Council is starting a Jeans for Teens project.  Bring your jeans to school to donate to teens who are less fortunate.  If you bring 5 pairs of jeans you will get a $5 gift card from Aeropostale.  If you have any questions ask a Junior High student council member.  You may drop off the jeans in the lobby.