2019 Speech/Drama Awards and Thespian Induction ceremony

clip art of thespian troupe

Parents, students and staff are invited to attend the 2019 Speech/Drama Awards and Thespian Induction ceremony May 22nd at 7pm in the Fine Arts Center.

Students involved in 6-12 drama activities will be honored and awards will be handed out. The following students will also be inducted as members of the Thespian Troupe:

JH- Rose Benda, Katelyn Frey, Gabriela Garcia, Kole Heins, Jesus Hernandez, Sayda Hernandez, Raven Hoppe, Sam Jacobs, Haylie Jones, Jacob Kirkestue, William Linderbaum, Katya Lopez, Tania Marroquin, Claire Martins, Harlie Miller, Chloe Moeller, Hannah Nielsen, Jayden Rankin, Audrey Ruff and Lindsay Weller.

HS- Leah Bean, Hayden Pearce, Taylor Rankin, Tracer Rankin, Monica Santoyo, Hailey Shipp, Brayan Silva and Drew Wedo.

Two community members will also be recognized for their contributions as Honorary Thespians.

Refreshments will be served following the ceremony. Please join us as we celebrate another great year of Pirate Theatre!

Postville Schools Recognized for Commitment to Safety

safety award

L to R: Nolan Grimm, Jester Insurance; Patti Schroeder, Finance Support Director, IASB; Tim Dugger, Superintendent (shared), Postville and North Winneshiek Community Schools; Dale Anderson, EMC; Mark Lovelace; Agent, A&J Petersburg Agency.

Postville Schools was recently presented with an award for its commitment to safe working environments. The award further recognizes the district for its collaboration with EMC Insurance Companies (EMC) to prevent employee injuries and to control workers’ compensation expenses.

Representatives from EMC, the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) and Jester Insurance Services presented the award to district officials.

“The Postville School employees have done an excellent job with safe work habits. We are proud to have the lowest workers’ compensation loss ratio in the state for the previous 10-year period.  Postville also boasts an experience mod. of .71 which is 5th lowest in the state over the past 3 years.” commented Superintendent Dugger.

Postville Schools is part of the IASB Safety Group Insurance Program, which provides more than 320 Iowa schools, area education agencies and community colleges with a comprehensive and competitive insurance program.

About the Safety Group Insurance Program

IASB has supported the Safety Group Insurance Program for more than 40 years to provide members with an excellent property and casualty insurance program. EMC Insurance Companies provides the property and casualty insurance and Jester Insurance Services is the managing agent. Both EMC and Jester have been part of the Safety Group since it was developed, providing first class coverage, loss control service and handling member property and casualty claims. Expansions and improvements are continuously made to meet the ever-changing needs of members and keep pace with educational changes, laws and regulations.

JH Choir members participate in the UIC Vocal Festival

Postville Junior High Choir members participated in the Upper Iowa Conference Vocal Festival on Monday, May 13th at Kee High School in Lansing. They sang 4 prepared pieces in a mass choir of 300 students and shared one song individually. They worked hard rehearsing all afternoon and presented a concert that evening. It was a great day of music making, congratulations to the Junior High Choir members for finishing the year strong!

Board Meeting Minutes For May 15, 2019

Picture of Notebook

Postville Board of Education Meeting
Regular Scheduled Meeting at 6:30 P.M.
Fine Arts Lobby
May 15, 2019

President Cox called the regular meeting of the Postville Board of Education to order at 6:30 PM, on Monday, May 13, 2019, with the following members present: Tony Gericke, JoAnn Jacobs, and Staci Malcom. Absent: Jamie Smith.

President Cox welcomed the visitors.

Corey Snitker shared information on the updated Allamakee County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Motion by Jacobs, second by Gericke, to approve the agenda, with the addition of Meghan Nortman and Jeff Szabo as hires. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Malcom, second by Gericke, to approve the consent agenda. Carried unanimously.

  1. Approve April 8, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes.
  2. Approve the monthly invoices (reviewed by Tony Gericke) and financial reports.
  3. Approve the hiring of Jeff Szabo/Custodian, Meghan Nortman/Elementary Teacher, Jill Dehning/Part-Time Summer Custodian, Denise Mauss/7-12 Building Leadership Team, Mac Hughes/Assistant Baseball Coach, Teresa Berg/Summer Technology Assistant, Derek Friederich/Summer Technology Assistant, Derek Friederich/High School Play Director, Emma Trealor/Migrant Summer School, Kathy Ohloff/Migrant Summer School, Aleya Grimes/Migrant Summer School, Susie Mueller/Migrant Summer School, Carla Vargus Hernandez/Newcomer Summer Program, Yoselin Perez/Newcomer Summer Program, Patty Uhal/JH Credit Recovery Summer School, Susie Schlein/HS Credit Recovery Summer School, and Brenda Deering/JH/SH Credit Recovery Summer School Support.
  4. Approve the resignations of Susan Schlein/Junior Class Sponsor, Jane Wullner/Morning and Afternoon Bus Route, Zach Steffans/Assistant High School Football Coach, and R.J. Olsen/Assistant High School Football Coach.
  5. Acceptance of donations. ($21.00 West Post Project Club for Kids’ Needs).
  6. Approve the 2019 Postville CSD graduation lists.

Mr. Dugger shared information on the Computer Science Grant that the district received from the state of Iowa. Postville CSD received a Worker Compensation Safety Award. May is school board recognition month. Mr. Dugger thanked the board members for their service. Information was shared about staff retirement recognition and luncheon.

Mr. Knudtson shared that the boys golf team is moving into post-season golf and one student moved into post-secondary girls’ golf tournaments. The CTE department completed their department project of creation, completion and sales of herb gardens.

Mrs. Schutte shared the elementary assessments are wrapping up for the end of the year. The students participated in the Amazing Pirate Adventures. Wednesday, 5/15, is the Career Day. The elementary track and field day with be May 29/30th.

During Leadership and Learning, Morgan Taake shared information on the summer school program to be offered at the elementary for approximately 120 students. Mr. Dugger shared information on the Playground Project. The financial goal of the PEPTO organization is $100,000.

Motion by Gericke, second by , to approve the presented open enrollment request. Carried unanimously.

President Cox opened the 2018-2019 Budget Amendment Hearing at 7:13 PM. The hearing was closed at 7:17 PM.

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve the 2018-2019 Budget Amendment as published. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Gericke, second by Malcom, to approve the cooperative swimming sharing agreement with Decorah CSD at a cost of $350. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Jacobs, second by Malcom, to approve the human resource sharing agreement with Allamakee CSD. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Jacobs, second by Gericke, to approve the elementary guidance sharing agreement with MFL MM CSD. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Malcom, second by Gericke, to approve the transportation director sharing agreement with MFL MM CSD. Carried unanimously.

Mr. Dugger shared information about a Flex Account Resolution that will be planned for the June meeting.

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve the first reading of the following board policy. Carried unanimously.

  1. 507.9 Wellness Policy

Motion by Jacobs, second by Malcom, to approve the second reading of the following policy. Carried unanimously.

  1. 506.1 Education Records Access

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve the Food Corp Liaison for the 2019-2020 school year at a cost of $7,500. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve the purchase of a 2019 Chevrolet Traverse from Decorah Chevrolet/Cadillac for $28,375. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve the purchase of a 2016 Thomas C2 bus at a cost of $67,496. Carried unanimously. (Disposal of current bus #3 at the best price at the discretion of the Transportation Director.)

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to approve an elementary intercom system at a cost of $35,207.45 from Tierney. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Gericke, second by Malcom, to approve the agreement for the Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Services for the 2019/2020 school year. Carried unanimously.

Mr. Dugger shared information regarding summer projects for 2019.

Items for June Board Meeting

  • Flex Account
  • Long-term facility planning

The June Board Meeting for the Postville Board of Education will be held on June 17, 2019, at 6:30 P.M, at the Postville Fine Arts Center Lobby.

Motion by Gericke, second by Jacobs, to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 P.M. Carried unanimously.

_________________________________ ___________________________________
Jeff Cox, President Melissa Fettkether, Secretary

May 13, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

Postville Community School District
Board of Education Agenda
Postville Fine Arts Lobby
Monday, May 13, 2019
6:30 P.M.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome and Receive Visitors
    1. Corey Snitker – Allamakee County Hazard Mitigation Plan
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Items to be Removed From the Consent Agenda
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. April 8, 2019, Regular Meeting Minutes
    2. Monthly Bills and Financial Reports
    3. Hires
    4. Resignations
    5. Transfers  
    6. Acceptance of Donations/Gifts to the District
    7. 2019 Postville School District Graduation Lists
      1. John R. Mott High School
      2. RISE Academy Alternative School
  6. Reports
    1. Superintendent
      1. Computer Science Grant
      2. Worker Compensation Saftey Award  
      3. School Board Recognition Month
      4. Retirement Recognition and Luncheon
    2. Principals
    3. Director of School Improvement
  7. Leadership and Learning
    1. Summer School – Morgan Taake
    2. Playground Update – PEPTO
  8. Open Enrollment Request
  9. Budget Amendment Hearing
  10. Budget Amendment
  11. Cooperative swimming Sharing Agreement with Decorah
  12. Renew the Human Resource Sharing Agreement with Allamakee
  13. Renew the Elementary Guidance Sharing Agreement with MFL MM
  14. Renew the Transportation Director Sharing Agreement with MFL MM
  15. Information/Discussion regarding a Flex Account Resolution for the June Board Meeting                                
  16. First Reading of Board Policies
    1. 507.9         Wellness Policy
  17. Second Reading of Board Policies
    1. 506.1         Education Records Access
  18. Food Corp Liaison for the 2019-2020 School Year – $7,500
  19. Vehicle Purchase from Decorah Chevrolet/Cadillac – 2019 Chevrolet Traverse
  20. Bus Purchase Bids and Disposition of Bus #3
  21. Elementary Intercom System
  22. Agreement for Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Services for the 2019-2020 School Year
  23. Information/Discussion of the Summer Projects List
  24. Items for the June Board Meeting
  25. Adjournment

Next Board Meeting: Monday, June 17, 2019, at 6:30 P.M.

Postville Fine Arts Center Lobby

Choir Receives Division II Excellent Rating At State Large Group Festival

The Postville High School Choir traveled to West Central on Friday, May 3 to participate in the State Large Group music festival and received a division II excellent rating for their performance. They have worked hard in preparation for this event for most of the 4th quarter and represented Postville with pride and professionalism, congratulations to these student performers!

HS choir



May 6th - May 10th
Help the Student Ambassadors welcome SPRING with dress up days and activities!

Dress up - PAJAMA DAY
Activity - BEAR HUNT

Teacher Appreciation Day!

Enjoy passing time tunes

Dress up - SHADES and NEON
Activity - Advisor DODGEBALL

Activity - Advisor VOLLEYBALL

Senior Awards

senior award winners

The Postville High School holds an annual Senior Award Night.  Awards are given to seniors for achievements in various departments or groups.  These awards are listed below along with past recipients of the awards.

Award:KWWL Best of Class2018-19:Drew Lubka2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Iowa State Bar Association - Good Citizenship Award2018-19:Lindsey Davis2017-18:Owen Jacobson2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Bernie Saggau Award2018-19:Brayan Silva2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Mason Smith2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Joshua Jacobs
Award:Athlete of the Year - Female2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:2014-15:Anjela Bubiy2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Athlete of the Year - Male2018-19:Harrison Dehning2017-18:Uvaldo Camarillo & Owen Jacobson2016-17:MacKenzie Hughes2015-16:Aaron Swartzendruber2014-15:Evan Jacobson2013-14:Riley Brockway
Award:Sportsmanship - Female2018-19:Kelsey Mucia2017-18:Lakken Cox2016-17:Tania Toj2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Maya Burke2013-14:Mariah Mostaert
Award:Sportsmanship - Male2018-19:Wilmar Marroquin & Cole Walch2017-18:Jacob Steffans2016-17:Ronaldo Gonzalez & Nash Reicks2015-16:Mason Smith2014-15:Gregory Steva2013-14:Ludvin Sarazua
Award:Art2018-19:Kerr Lois Bulaquena & Andrew Hernandez2017-18:Idalia Cordero2016-17:Aureliano Martinez, Alanna Lawerence, Eric Lopez, Tania Toj, Josefina Solis2015-16:Yoselin Perez, Olivia Root, Kaitlyn Heying, Janett Hernandez, Melvin Munoz2014-15:Hector Galvan, Lleyson Chavez, Joseline Martin, Cleiver Toj, Hailey Bodensteiner2013-14:Kely Toj & Stacy Walch
Award:Agriculture Award2018-19:2017-18:Travis Fish2016-17:Cole Spain2015-16:Kolin Schnuelle2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Business & Technology2018-19:Drew Lubka & Litci Marroquin2017-18:Travis Fish, Idalia Cordero, Rebecca Weller2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Aaron Swartzendruber & Levi Hansmeier2014-15:Tanner Jacobsen & Elizabeth Galvan2013-14:Jose Lopez
Award:English2018-19:Alex Garcia2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Eric Lopez2015-16:Olivia Root & Jenna Schutte2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Family Consumer Science2018-19:Litci Marroquin2017-18:Tierney Bodley2016-17:Ahmed Abdullahi2015-16:Yoselin Perez2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Industrial Technology2018-19:Cole Walch2017-18:Jacob Steffans, Dj Marshall, Dylan Bakke2016-17:Elfego Marroquin & Aureliano Martinez2015-16:Josue Marroquin2014-15:Hector Galvan & Robert Nelson2013-14:Juan Esteban Vega & Manuel Garcia
Award:Science2018-19:Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Lakken Cox, Dj Marshall2016-17:MacKenzie Hughes & Tania Toj2015-16:2014-15:2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Physical Education2018-19:Will Moore & Sabino Chilel2017-18:Carlos Figueroa2016-17:Dakota Hamilton & Tania Toj2015-16:Gavin Ruckdaschel2014-15:Bridgette Lubka & Evan Jacobson2013-14:Gerardo Moncada & Courtney Berger
Award:DAR Award - American History2018-19:Cody Loera2017-18:Alissa Wenthe2016-17:Ronaldo Gonzalez2015-16:Grant Imoehl2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle2013-14:Katelyn Wedo
Award:Social Studies2018-19:Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Cristian Vega2016-17:Jaleasah Hendry2015-16:Melvin Munoz & Yusuf Haji2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle2013-14:Tanner Walker
Award:Mathematics2018-19:Kerr Lois Bulaquena & Heriberto De Haro2017-18:Nick Jacobs2016-17:Nash Reicks2015-16:Josh Dahl & Melvin Munoz2014-15:Benjamin Lenth & Amber Schutte2013-14:Mariah Mostaert & Gerardo Moncada & Jose Lopez & Joshua Jacobs
Award:Spanish2018-19:Cody Loera & Kerr Lois Bulaquena2017-18:Alissa Wenthe2016-17:Eulices Galicia, Eric Lopez, Dakota Hamilton, Sheyla Chavez, Tania Toj2015-16:Josh Dahl2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Vocal Music2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:Alivia Berger & Sierra Gonzalez2015-16:Andrea Vicente2014-15:2013-14:
Award:Speech2018-19:Litci Marroquin, Kelsey Mucia, Emma Heins, Brayan Silva, Andrew Hernandez2017-18:2016-17:Sierra Gonzalez & Kaitlen Leiran2015-16:Melvin Munoz2014-15:Sarah Schnuelle & Elizabeth Galvan & Jaqeline De La Rosa2013-14:Hannah Dougherty & Katherine Knaggs & Mariah Mostaert & Ludvin Sarazua
Award:Drama2018-19:2017-18:Nick Jacobs, Jacob Steffans, Owen Jacobson2016-17:Nash Reicks, Cole Spain, & MacKenzie Hughes2015-16:Jenna Schutte2014-15:Benjamin Lenth2013-14:Jessica Ott & Riley Brockway & Joshua Jacobs & Hannah Dougherty
Award:Volunteer Cords2018-19:2017-18:Tierney Bodley, Lakken Cox, Brooke Holthaus, Nick Jacobs, Owen Jacobson, Dj Marshall, Victoria Nelson, Jacob Steffans, Alexis Valentine,
Alissa Wenthe
2016-17:Rene Acosta, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Sierra Gonzalez, Dakota Hamilton, MacKenzie Hughes, Kaitlen Leiran, Nash Reicks, & Tania Toj2015-16:Grant Imoehl, Jenna Schutte, Hannah Lage, Mason Smith, & Kolin Schnuelle2014-15:Anjela Bubiy, Elizabeth Galvan, Evan Jacobson, Tess Jarmes, Ty Johnson, Daniel Koenig, Benjamin Lenth, Bridgette Lubka, Logan Radloff, Drew Reicks, Sarah Schnuelle, Amber Schutte, Linzie Sebastian, & Gregory Steva2013-14:Muhio Adow, Artem Agadzhanov, Riley Brockway, Hannah Dougherty, Zachary Eberling, Alanda Fishback, Joshua Jacobs, Tristan Keene, Maria DeJesus Lopez, Mariah Mostaert, Jose Lopez, Garret Ohloff, Jessica Ott, Chance Schager, & Mitchell Guese
Award:American Legion Boy's State Award2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:Nash Reicks2014-15:2013-14:Ben Lenth
Award:American Legion Auxiliary Girl's State Award2018-19:2017-18:2016-17:2015-16:Sierra Gonzalez2014-15:2013-14:Bridgette Lubka

Students Participate in the Kid Wind Energy Challenge

Postville students participated in the Kid Wind Energy Challenge held in Elkader at Keystone AEA. There were 18 participating teams.  Two of our Postville’s teams place by taking 3rd and 5th places.

7th grade William Linderbaum and Rojehilo Loera-Upton placed 3rd in blade speed and energy produced.

6th Grade Kelvin Menne joined the Middle School teams this year, as his blades were a unique design on the 3-d printer. Kelvin’s presentation, knowledge of renewable energy, aerodynamics, and 3-D printing of his blades were a huge hit with the judges. He wants to improve his blades and go again next year.